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We, focus on practical and unique light source, to do better and more useful products
We, committed to provide better urban lighting solutions
We, from the data of birth, based on the LED industry, intensive, observance of good faith
We, is Xing Lian Xin
Shanghai World Expo, banking, medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, apparel, real estate, intercity traffic and other walks of life, have left our outstanding performance
We build in 2003, today we have to create a professional, one-stop lighting service team! More then 6000 square meters of production area, hundreds of people in production and technical team, advance fully automated specialized equipment for us and laid a strong production capability!
Xing Lian Xin standing at a new starting point, we will be perseverance, resolutely and hard work of all belief, cast of professional services to fulfill your every dream, Lets the LED to illuminate the future!