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XLX LIGHT SOURCES CO.LTD Makes Good Marks in led module Sales


HK's LED makers have made good marks in sales for the third-quarter peak season. I XLX LIGHT SOURCES CO.LTD claimed that its led module profits were up an astounding 350% from its total for the first half of 2012.

It reported after-tax profits of US$3.66 million in led module, more than three and a half times its first-half profits of US$1.031 million. The firm’s after-tax profit for the first three quarters totaled US$4.7 million, yielding earnings per share (EPS) of US$ 0.023.

And the company spokesman MR.Deng pointed out that with its successful design for a second optical application for direct-type modules this year, delivered shipments to some brand-name color makers in HK and mainland China in led module resulting in a monthly increase in revenues.

Other HK companies also benefited from the growing demand for LED module announced that its combined third-quarter revenue increased 41% quarter on quarter, to US$84 million.

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