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Asian Largest Hospital KLES Makes LED Lighting Conversion


As one of the foremost and largest medical facilities in Asia, The KLES Dr Prabhakar Kore Hospital and Medical Research Centre in Belgaum, are considering rolling out the conversion from traditional lamps to carbon efficient LEDs to all of their institutions.

During a recent refurbishment of the facility, KLES commissioned eco lighting experts Carbon Reduction Technology to fully refit their ward corridors with carbon efficient lighting.

The interior eco lighting refit included the installation of 250 LED units, which was completed in July 2012.  A further external lighting upgrade, which is still on-going, sees 340 street lights around the medical facility being retrofitted with carbon efficient LED units.

When the upgrades are completed, the patients and staff will benefit from unobtrusive lighting which is bright and uniform. The hospital itself will make a huge energy saving on their lighting energy requirements, reducing the corresponding carbon footprint by a massive 65%.

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